Safe Driving Management
Smartphone and AI
What is What is Flare Analytics
Start from today
3 steps
for safe driving management
AI analyzes and evaluate driving, visualizes with scores
Driver launches the app when he starts to drive.
Real-time AI analyzes and evaluates driving
Instruct a driver how to improve his driving based on driving score and each unsafe driving behavior score

Repeat 3 steps to manage safe driving.


Driving and Unsafe driving behavior score
What and How to improve
Reduce accident risk by improving unsafe driving behaviors
Detectable Unsafe Driving behaviors
Hard Braking Speeding Phone Use Distruction Hard Turn Rapid Acceleratio U-Turn
Feature 01
Analysis and Evaluation by AI
The app collects GPS and Sensor datas, AI analyzes and evaluates driving with scores.
Feature 02
Supports Motorbike
Supports cars as well as two wheeled vehicle (Motorbikes, Scooters etc)
Feature 03
Detects unsafe driving behaviors with high accuracy
Detects unsafe driving behaviors with 90%+ accuracy comparing with GPS devices*
*The data based on PoC collaborated with the automaker
Eco-drive and Safe Driving Education
beyond driving analysis and evaluation
Real-time management, fuel efficiency improvement, and safe driving education can be solved with Flare Analytics
Feature 01
Real-time location System
Real-time location information is supported as well as driving history. You can monitor real-time status.
Feature 02
Eco-drive (Beta)
You can see Eco-drive score to identify whether the driver is driving in a fuel-efficient manner. You can also see which driving behavior can be improved to achieve more fuel-efficient driving and it leads to Fuel cost reduction.
Feature 03
Safe Drivinig Education
Advice for improvement and learning contents (quiz format) are displayed upon completion of driving based on driving score, unsafe driving behaviors to be improved, learning history, etc. You can provide Safe driving education to drivers with the app.
*Currently this service is limited to only the clients we approve due to the beta version.
We plan to offer it to all clients after the official version is released.


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